Friday, July 29, 2005

ThemeTool Yahoo Group Created

[JL Booth]( "ThemeTool Yahoo Group Created"): "Paolo Valdemarin, creator of ThemeTool, owner of evectors software, and I have created a Yahoo Group to offer support and discussion on the newly re-released OpenSource ThemeTool software."

TO Join in on the Yahoo Group: ThemeTool Post message: Subscribe:

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Restoring a Radio weblog will finally work

[Steve Kirks]( "Restoring a Radio weblog will finally work"): "I fixed the two pieces of code this afternoon and submitted them for release. We should see them in 24 hours or less and the 'restore' function of Radio will finally work."

Radio 9::::ATTACK!

[Steve Kirks]( "Marc says "Ahoy"): "Now with major Manila development stable and a new kernel that's close to shipping, we're ready to attack with Radio 9."

A Radio Glitch Explained by Dave Winer

[Dave Winer]( "Basically, as Radio is starting up, it smashes the value of user.webBrowser.winDefaultBrowserApp. I don't think this was the right thing for Radio to do, especially since Radio is so intimately connected with the web browser."

*I've seen this topic in the Radio Discussion Board before. I agree with Dave and hope it won't get smashed in an upcoming version of Radio.*

Friday, July 22, 2005

Paolo releases his Theme Tool for...

"Paolo releases his Theme Tool for free. That's cool. I'm thinking that Radio itself, the parts that haven't already been GPLed, should be. Christmas may well come early this year."

(Via [Scripting News]( "Paolo releases his Theme Tool for...").)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Upcoming Radio Features

UserLand is hard at work "adding RSS item summaries, flickr support for the My Pictures tool and trying to ship the upstreaming improvements." (Via [house of warwick]( "Where's Steve?").)

I'm most excited about the idea of flickr support for the My Pictures tool. The idea of easily uploading images to flickr would be most welcome.

Friday, July 01, 2005

How to extend Radio's RSS generator

UserLand: "Radio UserLand generates RSS 2.0 feeds for the main weblog and for each category. These files are updated automatically when the user posts something new or edits an existing post. Until now one could override the built-in RSS generator, but not add to it incrementally. With the changes outlined here, you will be able to add, without wholesale replacement."