Friday, June 24, 2005

Beta Testers needed for Browser Launching on MacOS X

[Steve Kirks]( "Beta Testers needed for Browser Launching on MacOS X"): "For the longest time, launching a web browser on the Mac was easy--most everyone had Microsoft's Internet Explorer so we told Radio to launch it when you needed a web page opened. Safari came along and we hacked the code to look for Safari if it was open, but if nothing was open (and MSIE wasn't installed), Radio would present the user with a dialog box asking where it could find 'msExplorer'. Yuk. Well, at about 5PM tonight, I fixed it. A beta will be available soon. Contact me by email if you want it earlier--MacOS users only, please."

It's nice to see the little details like this get sorted out. These are exactly the kinds of improvements that Radio needs to keep an edge these days.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Shine the Spotlight on Radio

[John Fraser]( "John Fraser"): "I setup Radio to render a local backup tonight, and published my entire site... Spotlight has indexed this backup and now performs searches of my local blog data too. I've been wanting a search feature for a while, now I have an integrated local machine search engine that covers all my data."

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Upstreaming Beta 07 Testers Needed

[UserLand]( "Upstreaming Beta 07 Testers Needed"): "We're about to release the upstreaming improvements to public beta testing and we need people to test it. Look for a post in the radio-dev group on Yahoo! for details."