Monday, May 30, 2005

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Upload images to Your Radio UserLand site easily with ImageWell

For easily uploading images to your Mac OS X Radio UserLand site, try ImageWell, a finely written, free application that uploads images to various locations, allowing you to make some handy last minute changes in the process. This week's tip has the details. [May 30, 2005]

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: How to replace the xml graphic with an alternative

I want to preface this tip by urging you not to implement this tip. I believe the orange XML button that is rendered by default is the best, most consistent way, to represent your RSS feed. Having said that, if you still want to replace yours, here's how. [May 26, 2005]

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

We Become the Media is my new Manila based backbone

I want to start off this post with a question. What do you want with regard to the documentation for Radio UserLand? What is wrong with it? What is right with it? How can it be better?

Thank you Steve and Lawrence and all at UserLand for setting me up with a Manila site so I can start discussions like the one above! I've decided to call my new Manila site We Become the Media. My initial use of this site will be to create a forum for discussion amongst readers of my various blogs, including [Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie). That's a perfect reason to add Manila to my mainly Radio based configuration. And it just might inspire me to write some Tips for using Radio and Manila together. There are already some good tips out there too so google around.

I absolutely love working with Manila, did I mention? I've been using Frontier almost daily since 1997 and was even a Manila site host for a few years back then under my business Web Surf Hawaii. Once I got out of hosting and could no longer afford a Manila license, I made the switch to Radio UserLand for all my personal sites and a even a few clients sites (I LOVE categories in Radio).

Though Radio UserLand is an amazing application, when you need to add a forum to the mix you've got to look to Manila. Now that I've got the [new site]( up and running, I want to make it flow with what I'm trying to accomplish on this site yet remain independent enough to provide a forum for people interested in more than just Radio UserLand. People who are interested in becoming the media to be more specific. When people come to me and ask for my help in getting heard on the net, I usually implement or suggest Radio UserLand since it can accomplish so much of what is needed from today's weblogger/podcaster/newsHound/ for such a good price. Though there is decent documentation, there is still a need for more and better ways of explaining how to get the most out of Radio. That's my goal. You can help by joining the discussion.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Radio 9 Development Conference Call Notes

Curious about development for the upcoming Radio UserLand V9? Read the Conference Call Notes from the first Radio 9 phone meeting. These conference calls are happening on a weekly basis so let's keep an ear out and stay informed.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Official Radio Wishlist Directory

UserLand has an opml based wishlist directory for Radio on the new development site.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Alternative Comment RSS Feed

[David]($36445) reminds us that "the Python Community Server offers free comment hosting to Radio bloggers, and their comments server offers RSS feeds."

Update from David: "An addendum to my note about the Python community server's comment hosting: I had switched because Radio's hosting was often so slow, but I'm sorry to report that PyCS is often unresponsive as well, hanging up the display of my pages for many seconds. I'm contemplating turning off comments altogether."

Radio 9 Development Starts Now

[Steve Kirks]( "Starting Radio 9 Development"): "Now that I'm back from vacation, I'm ready to start the development of the next version of Radio."

Oh, yeah! You go, Steve!

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Don't Open the Desktop Home Page

There are disadvantages and other reasons why you, like me, might only on occasion visit the Radio Desktop Home page. Find out how and why in this week's tip. [May 11, 2005]

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Arrived safely. Missing Mexico. Tuning back in to Radio.

I'm back from Mexico. What an amazing time I had in the Yucatan! Look for a post, complete with pictures, on my personal weblog, iceplant radio, soon.

Regarding Radio, it's time to get back into the swing of things and get this site going once again. Thanks for your patience. I'll be posting here again about the wonderful world of Radio UserLand right away. I hope to release a new Weekly Tip by Sunday and I'm pondering taking more of a role in the UserLand Radio Discussion Forum if I can work out the logistics. More on that later... For now, let me start posting some juicy tidbits that have arrived in my news aggregator like the one where Rogers Cadenhead is giving away his well written book on Radio UserLand! I've got this book and I highly recommend it to any Radio user. Oh, and there is a beta going on right now for those brave souls who care to test out an upstreaming performance improvement from UserLand.