Monday, January 31, 2005

This manual now has a Goooooooooogle search

I finally took two minutes and added a [google search]( to this site. You'll find it on the upper right hand side. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Add comments to your weblog

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Adding comments to your weblog is easy. If you know the steps. This week's tip shows you how in four. [Jan 30, 2005]

For Radio users, a script to generate a blogroll for each category

[Subdued Citizen]( "For Radio users, a script to generate a blogroll for each category"): "This is for Radio users who have discovered Radio's outliner and wish to create blogrolls or link rolls by rendering OPML files with Radio's blogroll macro, rather than using the navigatorLinks.xml files that Radio provides for in the browser interface. This script automates the display of customized blogrolls for each category, while using a single template throughout your site for your homepage and all categories."

Friday, January 28, 2005

Steve Kirks' collection of Radio UserLand scripts

[Steve Kirks]( "My collection of scripts"): "I'm a UserTalk script junkie. I write some scripts for fun, but mostly I write for use in future Radio releases. I've created a [page]( with a list of scripts, what they do and a link to an installer that will let you use them all. I'll update this stuff as I go and let you know if/when it makes it into the final Radio install for some reason."

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

UserLand has released 'nofollow' support for Radio comment servers

Steve Kirks: Last night, UserLand [released]( support for the addition of the 'nofollow' label on HTML anchor tags. 'Radio' users have nothing to do here. The comments are hosted by Manila servers as discussion group messages and the comment pop up window is also created by 'Manila' servers.

_The end result.... less comment spam. Hopefully._

Journey Inside a Radio UserLand Tool

[Marc Barrot]( "Welcome to the enhancedAggregator tool code tour. The visit will take you to all the components of a typical Usertalk tool for Radio Userland, and will provide you with scenic views of Radio's beautiful news aggregator and its unique driver architecture."

Monday, January 24, 2005

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Add your shortcuts to the glossary

Learn the secret to less keystrokes. Radio's glossary allows you to add your own shortcuts so you can save time, and improve accuracy in your posts. Read this week's Radio UserLand tip and stop typing so much! [Jan 24, 2005]

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Radio UserLand Tools That Rock

There's a new service in town. It's called [Ta-da]( and it's a free online to-do list maker by the gurus at [37Signals]( They make Basecamp, the incredibly useful web-based project management system I use with most of my clients.

I created a list called [Radio UserLand Tools That Rock]( and made it viewable to the public. The list is also available as an [RSS feed]( so you can subscribe to it in Radio's aggregator. Check it out and then sign up to start creating, and sharing, your own lists.

_PS - I am not affiliated with 37Signals in any way. Just a happy customer._

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Radio UserLand to benefit from Google's announcement to fight spam

"Google's announced it and we're working on the code for UserLand products: a way to fight comment spam by denying the PageRank."

(Via [house of warwick]( "No Follow For You!").)

FeedSubmitter distributes your RSS feed

I wish this were a Radio UserLand tool...

"Free FeedSubmitter software allows you to submit your RSS feed address to 15 RSS feed aggregators simultaneously, via a post in ResearchBuzz. I have not tested this tool."

(Via [Subdued Citizen]( "FeedSubmitter distributes your RSS feed").)

RadioExpress Lives!

"[RadioExpress]($8484): Updated to include a current link to Mike's RadioExpress bookmarklet."

(Via [house of warwick]( "Radio UserLand: RadioExpress").)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Three years ago today: The credits page for Radio 8

"Three years ago today: The credits page for Radio 8."

(Via [Scripting News]( "Three years ago today: The credits...").)

New preference: Using non-standard FTP ports for upstreaming

"The FTP upstreaming driver in Radio UserLand has been updated to support a new optional port parameter to allow you to use a non-standard FTP port.

On the FTP Option preferences page in the desktop website, you will see a new port text field where you can define the custom port (by default it's empty and will default to 21 which is used by most FTP servers)."

(Via [UserLand Product News: Radio UserLand]( "New preference: Using non-standard FTP ports for upstreaming").)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: How to Leverage Technorati Tags in Radio UserLand

Technorati's new tagging service allows webloggers to add 'tags' to their posts. Read this week's tip to find out how I automated the process of adding the tag 'radiouserland' to every post on [Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie."). [Jan 14, 2005]

Testing Technorati's new tagging system

This is a test. This post should ping Technorati and add this post to the [tag:radiouserland]( page.

Looking for Portland-based Radio consultant

[Tim]($35264) is looking to hire a Radio guru in Portland. "I'm putting up a Radio site, and its just taking too much time. Looking for a hired gun for probably several hours."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Radio Quick Start Guide PDF

Thanks to Matt Mower, the Radio Quick Start guide is now available in PDF format.

Radio Quick Start.pdf (PDF, 139K)

Feed your Radio UserLand aggregator directly from FireFox

[Feed Your Reader]( allows you to use the RSS Autodiscovery in Firefox to launch external aggregators, such as Radio UserLand, NetNewsWire, and Nick Bradbury's FeedDemon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Subscribe Me for Radio UserLand

[Aquarion]( "Including LiveJournal, Radio Userland and Bloglines support, I bring you SubscribeMe.

WritTorrent: How to publish somewhat easily with BitTorrent (using Radio!)

[Thomas Winningham]( is at it again. I like the promise of this but last time I tried it didn't work for me using Radio. Thomas, does it now work? I'll give it another try since this is an awesome boon to Radio users who want to efficiently distribute podcasts. Radio users, notice #4..

> Here's a handy guide as to how you can publish .torrent files easily on a blog. > Requirements > 1. You'll need Azureus BT Client > 2. You'll also need my Blog Publishing plugin mentioned below. > 3. A BitTorrent tracker. One is built into Azureus, or if you are the content owner (which you should be), and license it Creative Commons, try Torrentocracy. (Actually, their Prodigem service does *wonders* for rapid publishing in BT form as well) > 4. A blog hosting service. Currently, this works with Radio Userland, but you cannot use their free trial hosting, but use your own hosting. Userland's servers prevent .torrent access for now.

On this day in 2002 , Radio 8.0 Shipped

"On this day in 2002, Radio UserLand 8.0 shipped.'Inch by inch.'"

(Via [Scripting News]( "On this day in 2002 , Radio...").)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Changing Radio's Processor Usage

[Steve Kirks]( "I've been playing quite a bit with Radio's prefs to reduce the processor burden on my older Mac now hosting my Radio weblog. I've made things a bit easier by changing some buried preferences..."

_Thanks for posting your setup, Steve. I'm off to make some tweaks myself._

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another one joins the community wish list

Thanks to [Subdued Citizen]( for adding his Radio Wish List to our [community wish list](

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Create a backlog of your RSS feed for better search results at Feedster

Previous tips showed you how and why to upstream your backup files to the public server. This week we learn how to improve our ranking on the fabulous search engine, Feedster. [Jan 09, 2005]

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Floating windows, growl support, and smarter comments

[I wish]( there was a menu option which would make the About Radio UserLand window float on top of all other applications.

I also wish the Mac OS X version of Radio worked with [Growl](, a global notification system for Mac OS X.

And while I'm updating my wish list, wouldn't it be a nice touch if Radio used the following display format where we put the Comment macro?

* There are 0 comments * There is 1 comment * There are x comments

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The problem with mysteries

So, after a month or so, Radio finally decides to work for me. I thought the saveCopyOpenDatabases script I ran had something to do with it but apparantely not. Where does this leave me?

I have a working Radio install once again. By that I mean I can now upstream files as expected. However, I'm left not quite trusting my Radio. I want to trust my Radio. I won't be Compacting Data Files any time soon for fear of a lockup. I don't trust my backups because I never could get Radio to recognize them after performing a clean reinstall.

What to do? Well, for starters, I'm going to get a lot better about backups. I'm not going to rely on Radio's built-in backup mechanism. Somehow I've got to find a reliable means to backup what's important to me and I've got to do some restore testing to make sure it actually works. Any advice on this is appreciated. And I'll share what I learn and do here on the missing manual, of course.

I'm not going to spend too much more time on this since I've got to get back to work on non Radio related issues, believe it or not. As a result of this whole debacle, I did learn about some excellent Radio resources and I even got UserLand to fix a few typos on a few of their help pages. The result of my research will soon appear on this site under an easy to find link called Radio 911.

Thanks for following along. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

How to redirect an RSS feed

"Here's the scenario. You've just moved your weblog or news site, and the RSS feed has moved too. You want people who are subscribed to your RSS feed to automatically start reading the feed at its new location. This document explains how to do that."

(Via []( "How to redirect an RSS feed").)

Radio UserLand for multiple users?

[Steve Kirks]( "A Wish: Radio UserLand for multiple users") added multiple users to the top of his [Radio wishlist](

> "Irwin posted a note on the Radio discussion group asking for a version of Radio for multiple users. This just got moved to the top of my feature wish list, even though the request will be hard to implement."

I agree. A multiple user version of Radio would be awesome.

Monday, January 03, 2005

I think Andy may have something to do with this

I found a script squirreled away in my workspace table called [saveCopyOpenDatabases]( that I believe I found on Andy Fragen's site. It's a modified Frontier script to backup Radio.root and all open databases (i.e. tools).

Last night I ran it and it seemed to get through where the built-in Radio command, Compact Data Files, failed. It all happened so fast that I almost forgot I ran it.

I am not sure but perhaps this is why Radio started working again. Still diggin but I'm happy to see Radio reacting to my wishes again. All this makes me much more determined to take better care of the engine that drives my online life.

Whoa! Radio can upstream all of the sudden!

I have absolutely no idea why but Radio just started behaving as I would expect. As of right now, I can publish the home page from Radio; I can save an outline and it gets rendered immediately; and touching a file also renders right away.

Let me do some more testing, try to recall what I might have done to cause this, and get back here. Any ideas why Radio just started working again?

Note: I do notice a lot of XML writing posts flying by in the About window. Also, here's what the Events log has to say:

Weblog Archive 221 posts were archived, 4 categories were archived, and the weblog prefs were archived.

The only other things that look out of the ordinary are these server error messages that appeared in the Events log as well:

Upstream 2 files were deleted on, but there was at least one error reported by the server. 7:49:21 PM 1.035

Upstream 1 file was deleted on without error. 7:49:20 PM 1.216

Upstream 7 files were deleted on, but there was at least one error reported by the server.

Busy day means less time for troubleshooting Radio

This turned out to be a day for errands. Hopefully I'll be able to sit down and troubleshoot Radio some more tonight but I'm not sure I'll have the time.

Trivia question: What was the Radio cloud originally called?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome to 2005

[Steve Kirks]( "Welcome to 2005"): "2005 is going to be a great year for UserLand. We're working hard on more Radio UserLand improvements and a new twist or two."

_I'm looking forward to it!_

I've got a weird problem and it looks technical. Now what?

The [UserLand FAQ]( says,

> If you're getting an error message, check the list of common errors getting started with Radio.

> You can also post questions on the discussion group and mailing list.

> If that doesn't fix it, email UserLand directly at Give us as much information as possible about the problem, what might have changed on your setup lately and what steps you've taken to troubleshoot.

I will now do all these things, starting with a post to the Radio discussion group.

I just subscribed to the [Radio mailing list]( and will ask for help there.

Next I'll email UserLand at the email address above with all the text from my previous post explaining what is happening.

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: Upstream your backup files to the public server

Previous tips showed you how you can use Thumbscrew to add a fancy border effect to an image and have Radio instantly upstream it to your site. This week we cover our bases and learn how and why to [upstream your backup files to the public server]("). [Jan 02, 2005]

Upstreaming troubleshooting checklist

At this point I should mention that UserLand suggests that you answer the questions on the [Upstreaming troubleshooting checklist]( should you be experiencing problems, as I am, with Radio. Here are my answers:

_Were you ever able to upstream from this copy of Radio? Or is this a new installation that has never been able to upstream?_

_If upstreaming was working and it stopped, do you recall any recent software, network or hardware changes on the machine that might have coincided with upstreaming not working._

DW: I've been able to upstream in the past. I don't recall any recent changes that might have coincided with this problem.

_What kind of Internet connection do you have? Also, what operating system (including version) do you have installed on your machine?_

DW: DSL. Mac OS X 10.3.7

_Do you have any Internet security software or hardware (firewall/proxy server) installed on your machine and/or network?_

DW: Yes. I have the built in firewall installed on my laptop.

_On the Events Log page, do you see any upstream error messages?_

DW: No.

_Are you upstreaming to the UserLand community server? Or are you using FTP to your own server?_


_If you are using FTP upstreaming, you can check a list of TCP/IP error messages that you might come across._

DW: I'm not seeing any of those messages.

_Basic things to check in Radio. Is upstreaming enabled? Is Radio in work offline mode? How many threads do you see running in the About Radio UserLand window?_

DW: Upstreaming is enabled. Radio is not in work offline mode. There are 7 threads.

_Is there any change if you exit and restart Radio and/or your machine?_

DW: If I choose Publish home page from the Radio menu, nothing happens. If I exit and restart Radio, the home page and rss.xml file will be uploaded.

Problem number 2: Compact Data Files Hangs Radio

UserLand suggests that Radio users [compact data files]($6970) from time to time.

When I choose Compact Data Files, Radio runs through my root files rather quickly, and then hangs when it attempts to process weblogsComData.root. I ran this dilemma by those on the Radio Developers list and got two responses. Dave Winer offered up a script that would simply bypass the weblogsComData.root file during a compact. Matt Mower suggested I reinstall Radio.

I tried Dave's script first. I'm not sure if it skipped the file in question but it did get farther than my earlier attempts. However, it ended up by attempting to upload something and then hung.

So, on to suggestion 2. I tried to reinstall Radio but that's when more problems surfaced. And that's the subject of future posts. Stay tuned..

Problem number 1: Publish Home Page Doesn't

In Radio, I choose Publish, Weblog Home Page from the Radio menu. Radio does not publish my home page. It should and it has in the past.

So, I've learned that if I exit and restart Radio, at the end of the Radio startup process, Radio will then upload my home page and the RSS file.

Why must I restart Radio to make this happen? The same issue happens when I touch a file. It should and used to upload to my ftp site but now requires a exit/restart of Radio. Any ideas?


* In the About Radio UserLand window I see 7 threads. I understand that if I see a single thread that I would need to [restart Radio Threads]( to tell Radio to run more threads. I've done this after attempting to Compact data files (the subject of my next post) and it hasn't helped.

* I'm running Mac OS X 10.3.7. I'm running Radio UserLand version 8.0.9b2 with 20MB free.

I'm going to weblog about my Radio woes

In my [last post](, I mentioned that posts to [Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.") would be light while I somehow get my Radio to work right once again.

Well, scratch that. I'm going to post my journey, 2 entire days now spent, attempting to fix Radio. Follow along if you want. I've learned an awful lot about Radio as a result of my troubles. That's a good thing for my readers because I'm going to make my findings public. There are some great Radio reference sites out there to draw from.

To organize my thoughts and process, I created an outline in Radio. You can open this [outline]( in your copy of Radio, or you can view it as a [web page](

Experiencing technical difficulties

Dear readers..

I've been experiencing a meltdown of my install of Radio UserLand. Several people have offered suggestions and I've spent the entire day trying to get Radio working properly with no such luck.

Until I can get Radio working again, updates to Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual will be slow or non-existent. I'm taking the best notes I can to document my journey in the hope that it might benefit other Radio users in their time of need.

Already, I've gathered a number of links to various pages that might help with your Radio troubleshooting. Nothing has solved my problem yet, however. Hopefully, I can get this resolved soon so I can get back to business.