Monday, December 27, 2004

I arrived in Albuquerque today

Today my sweetie and I arrived in Albuquerque and are now staying with my good friend, Canton, in Santa Fe. It's beautiful here! I see that [Dave Winer also arrived arrived in Albuquerque today]( Dave and any other bloggers/podcasters, want to get together in Santa Fe for some green chile stew and talk about OMPL, green vs. red chiles, and hang out for a spell?

(Via [Scripting News]( "5:46PM Mountain: Arrived in Albuquerque....").)

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Markdown and activeRenderer

Two things I depend on these days is Markdown and activeRenderer. Markdown makes it easy to write my posts and activeRenderer makes all the outlined goodness on my sites possible. The good news is that [Andy]( and [Marc]( are working together to make these two work together.

> "Donovan has been a guinea pig/beta tester for me with the Markdown tool for Radio. Donovan is a user of activeRenderer by Marc Barrot. aR can bypass the regular method of rendering weblog pages to do it's magic. I found a way to hook easily into aR's method to let the Markdown tool work. Marc is very willing to help make it work and hopefully we'll have a better solution for all." - Andy Fragen

Thursday, December 23, 2004

How Bob made his first podcast with Radio

Here is an excellent tutorial on podcasting with Radio. Definitely take a look if you are a Radio UserLand user interested in podcasting.

"I've received a few inquiries about how I set up my podcast with radio, so I thought I would post what I did here. I hope this speeds up the learning curve for other wannabe podcasters." - Bob

(Via [Radio UserLand Messages]( "How I made my first podcast with Radio").)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual

Hear ye! Hear ye! This site is now called [Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.").

Notice the addition of the word, UserLand.

Tips section follow along

Now that I've created a new Weekly Radio UserLand Tips section, I figured I'd share how and what I've done in case other Radio users can benefit from it. There are a number of things I wanted regarding this new category, specifically that it had to be available as an RSS feed, and it had to use the power of outlining to set it apart from the rest of the site. Here's a snapshot of what I've done so far and you can count on some more posts telling you what I'm doing next.

[Radio: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.") is a category in Radio. Radio UserLand uploads the entire site to the /radio/ folder on Now, I wanted a new Weekly Tips section that would have an rss feed so I created a new category in Radio called 'Weekly Tips' and I added an #upstream.xml file in the new category folder so that it would automatically ftp to the /radio/tips/ folder.

I also copied the #template.txt, #homeTemplate.txt, #dayTemplate.txt, and #itemTemplate.txt, files from the first category to the new one so that the themes would match.

The final step thus far involved [activeRenderer]( "Tap into real outlining power with activeRenderer technology"). I decided that for the Tips section, I'd like the Tips home page to be totally collapsible in an outline. This seems to make sense for a weekly blog of tips so that one can see as many tips as possible in the least amount of space.

The final result looks like this so far. It's sure to change even more though since I can not leave well enough alone. What do you think of the outline format? I don't think I'll use it on the home page but I think it's just right for the Tips section.

![Tips Section]( "Tips section outline")

Offline Toggle Radio UserLand tool for laptop users

[Andy Fragen]( "Andy makes excellent Radio tools") just updated a Radio tool he created called [Offline Toggle]( "This should be very helpful to laptop users."). This tool will toggle the 'Work Offline' and 'Upstreaming' status of Radio based on whether or not it detects an active network connection.

Wow! Very cool. I have a PowerBook and somehow this wasn't on my radar. I just dropped it in my Tools folder and will be trying it out. Thanks again, Andy.

> "I just made a quick fix to this tool for OS X users... 'Refresh Code...' for changes."

(Via [Radio UserLand Messages]( "Re: ANN: Offline Toggle for laptop users").)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Radio changes: Redirects used with enclosures

"Radio UserLand now supports redirects used when downloading enclosures which is commonly used to support podcast hit counters. When you add an enclosure to a weblog post, Radio also now follows redirects when gathering information about the file size/type of an enclosure."

(Via [UserLand Product News: Radio UserLand]( "Radio changes: Redirects used with enclosures").)

I want sub categories in Radio

I just added sub categories to my [Radio wish list](

I want to create categories within categories in Radio UserLand. For instance, I started a Weekly Tips section on my site, Radio: The Missing Manual (this site is a category in Radio). I want people to be able to subscribe to this new section's weblog posts via RSS so I created a new category in Radio called 'Weekly Tips". I then created an #upstream.xml file which ftps this category to a subfolder on the missing manual called 'tips'. I also copied the theme files over from the missing manual category so that this new site would match.

This all works fine but since this new category is really just a subfolder of another category, wouldn't it be nice if Radio had simply created this new entry as a *sub-category* of the missing manual category, saving me from having to copy over theme files and the required tweaking that inevitably needs to be done to them. Not to mention that I now must manage two very similar themes instead of being able to take advantage of Radio's inherant ability to look higher up in the table for a template to use.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Try Thumbscrew to upload your Radio images

Thumbscrew is an impressive application for OS X that easily adds a nice border to your images. Tonight I learned a useful tip from [Paolo Valdemarin]( "The man behind eVectors") that I'm going to start applying for my Radio UserLand image uploading needs right away.

"I have always loved whitebordered-tilted-shadowed images for this blog.

Now there's a very nice little application that does the trick with a simple drag and drop, no photoshopping needed for every picture anymore.

Thumbscrew by Zachery Bir allows me to set up background color, image size, file type and destination folder (in my case it's my blog's images folder, which means that Radio automatically uploads everything for me)."

Thursday, December 16, 2004

How to import Radio Userland into WordPress

[WordPressWiki]( "I'm in the process of converting my blog from Radio to WP, and found little in the way of information about how to do keep all my past entries, and the links to them, intact. Here are some notes as I go along, which I or somebody else can refine later!"

Leaving for greener pastures? I wish you well. And in the spirit of not being locked in the trunk, I'll always add posts to this manual that pertain to users' experiences of leaving Radio. Some weblog systems don't understand that a user might want to switch systems. UserLand understands this concept.

A weekly challenge

It is not a casual decision, this weekly Radio UserLand tip series. It takes a good deal of time to run [Radio UserLand: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.") and each new feature I add must be worthwhile. The log files do not lie. Tips are popular.

The weekly tip is a natural idea for an RSS feed and I've wanted to make that happen for a while. Recently, I made a list of Future Radio Tips I could cover and finally committed to the project. So, if you use Radio UserLand, consider [subscribing]( as well as letting me know what topics you'd like covered. Email me and I'll see if I can tackle it, or find someone who can.

Soon, I will post the recent three tips to this site. After that point, you can expect this site to update weekly.

Welcome to the weekly Radio UserLand tip series

The weekly tips section on [Radio: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.") is now available as an [RSS feed]( "Subscribe to weekly Radio UserLand tips").

New Radio UserLand macro: categoryLinks

[Steve Kirks]( "New Radio UserLand macro: categoryLinks") "Want to have a list of your categories on the home page of your website? No problem!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Radio Tip of the week: Customize Your Enclosure Icon Image Like a Real Podcaster

"Not satisfied with the small speaker that Radio displays whenever I attach an enclosure to my rss feed, otherwise known as 'podcast', I set out on a quest to change my enclosure icon image. [Follow along]( and change yours too."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

activeRenderer update makes an outline out of your rss feed

Marc: "This update adds an obvious new feature that I had overlooked for unobvious reasons: you may now publish your weblog's RSS feed directly as an outline."

Here is the [rss feed outline]( for [Radio: The Missing Manual]( "Radio UserLand tips and tricks. Geared towards the newbie.").

Monday, December 13, 2004

Yet another Radio UserLand FAQ

Fuzzygroup: "This document is a Frequently Asked Questions document about Radio UserLand, a weblogging application from UserLand Software."

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Radio UserLand: WebDAV client in Radio Userland?

Simone Bettini: "I wrote a very simple webdavclient tool adapting an exisisting webdav.root tool. It can be downloaded from It allows to write/read and delete files from a webdav server"

I haven't tried this yet but I'm going to. Thanks to the 'radiouserland' feed for this gem. Finally, I can really get some use out of my iDisk account.

Firefox application overlay: extending the radio aggregator

Matt's doing some interesting things with Radio's news aggregator in Firefox.

[Matt Mower]( "My first thought on seeing the userScript extension was "can I write a Javascript overlay to add new controls to the aggregator?" The answer is yes"

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Help me choose a search engine

OK, the time has come. [Radio: The Missing Manual]( "R:TMM") needs a search engine. Usually, I install [ATOMZ]( or [Google]( but I'm open to other suggestions. Any recommendations?

Requirements: * I'd like to be able to easily wrap my site theme around the search engine results. * Preferably free.

Building community with Radio

The [Community Radio Wish List]( is growing! I added wish lists from [Brian Holland](, [Dann Sheridan](, and [Steve Kirks](, all of whom posted their Radio Wish Lists to the web in OPML format.

What's your wish? Add it to the list!

You got your Omni Outliner Pro in my Radio!

Cyprien Lomas has an efficient workflow using Omni Outliner, Radio and ActiveRenderer:

"I also use it as a collaboration tool / authoring tool. In conjunction with Radio and Active Renderer (and the miracle of OPML), it allows one step publishing to the web."

![OmniOutliner ]( "OmniOutliner Pro Beta")

My workflow: * 1) generate content in OO * 2) export as OPML to Radio Userland * 3) render functional HTML outlines to the web with ActiveRenderer * 4) share the URL with colleagues
5) get feedback and update frequently

Radio UserLand Tips Available in Outline Format

The [Tips]( "Weekly Radio tips? It doesn't get any better than that!") section of [Radio: The Missing Manual]( "R:TMM") is now available as an OPML document. That means you can open it up in Radio as an outline.

On the web

![Tip of the week web]( "On the Web")

In your outliner

![Tip of the week outline]( "In your Outliner")

Radio UserLand Tip of the Week: How to Change Your Default Font Preferences

Tired of squinting whenever you open up a new Radio outline? I was too. Read [this week’s tip]( "Radio Tip of the week: Change your font prefs") to learn how you can change your default font size and type.

How to create and add your Radio wish list to the Community Radio Wish List

* Start Radio and begin a new outline. * To begin a new outline in Radio, choose the menu command File, New. A window appears with a gray triangle next to a blinking cursor. * Enter your wish list, press Enter between each wish. * Save your wish list in your Radio UserLand:www:gems folder. Name it something like 'myRadioWishList.opml'. * Radio will notice that you've added a file to the gems folder and upstream it to your site. * Check your Events Log. You should see an event that confirms that your wish list was upstreamed to the web. * Click on the link and send me the URL via email Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog.. * I'll add your wish list to the [Community Radio Wish List]( * Whenever you update your wish list, those changes will be immediately reflected in the Community list.

Friday, December 10, 2004

MarsEdit 1.0 Now Shipping

Brent Simmons: "Hi folks -- [MarsEdit 1.0]( "MarsEdit, the weblog editor for Mac OS X") is now shipping!"

I've been helping to beta test MarsEdit and I use it to post to all my weblogs. MarsEdit and Radio UserLand make an excellent weblogging choice. [Read my tutorial on using them together on Radio: The Missing Manual]( "Crash course in rockets and radios").

![MarsEdit]( "MarsEdit can really take you places")

Community Radio Wish List Grows by 1

[Dann Sheridan]( "Dann Sheridan, Radio User") posted his [Radio Wish List]( "Dann Sheridan's Radio Wish List in HTML format") to the web and it's also available as an [OPML]( "Dann Sheridan's Radio Wish List in OPML format") document.

I added a link to his OPML document on the [Community Radio Wish List]( "We accept you. Add your list to ours."). Expand Dann's section and you will be reading the latest version of his document, from his own server, so you always get the freshest wishes.

Care to add your Radio wish list to this effort? Send me your wish list's OPML address.

Read [how to create and add your Radio wish list to the Community Radio Wish List](

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


"MyRadioDesk is a Userland Radio theme resembling a desk with common elements on top: a sheet of paper, a calendar, some post-its, some stamps and so on. Each day is a yellow post-it with entries inside."

Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Radio UserLand Wish List Manifesto

I believe that all Radio Users should maintain a Radio Wish List outline, available in OPML format, that exists on the public web. That way, UserLand could add our wish lists together and see what the users really want, in their own words.

Here is my wish list outline address (OPML)

What's yours? Send it to me and I'll start building a community wish list.

I wish it were easier to upload a robots.txt file to my Radio UserLand weblog

My [Radio UserLand Wish List]( "All Radio users should have a wish list available in OPML format") just got updated. I want to easily manage a robots.txt file. [Apparantely, I need to upload it to my site manually]($19068?mode=topic "Radio UserLand makes managing a robots.txt file difficult").

iceplant radio podcast for December 04, 2004

On [last night's iceplant radio podcast]( "tune in to iceplant radio"), I talked a little bit about using Radio UserLand to create and upload my production notes using [ActiveRenderer]( technology. [Tune in]( "iceplant radio podcast for 2004-12-04").

Here are the [production notes]( "iceplant radio production notes 2004-12-04") in outline format.

Radio UserLand is an excellent choice for podcasters. It not only casts your shows out to the world, it catches them as well. I'll be covering more Radio UserLand podcasting tips here on The Missing Manual. Sound good?

Friday, December 03, 2004

UserLand Radio Comments Servers Scheduled Maintenance

UserLand: "The UserLand Radio Community comment sites are being moved to a new server this weekend. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us directly at

Dates: Sunday December 5, the Radio UserLand Community comment servers"

(Via [UserLand Product News: Radio UserLand]( "UserLand Radio Comments Servers Scheduled Maintenance").)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

MSN Spaces isn't the blogging service for Robert Scoble.

[Robert Scoble]( "Microsoft Geek Blogger"): "It's not going to get me to switch from Radio UserLand."

*Me either! Radio is the bomb.*