Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some Suggestion for Userland

On the UserLand Discussion board today, someone posted this...

> "The userguide which is supposed to guide is lacking illustration. This causes many problems to people new to the system. If only one illustrating example is given while explaining each step, this would be extremely helpful. For instance, when talk about outgoing STMP mail, what should be written in hyperlinks, which address should be written so others can see yr web etc. this is no doubt a defficiency in the userguide we hope userland cover it soon."

I fully agree. That's why, for [Radio: The Missing Manual]( "R:TMM"), I purchased a copy of [Snapz Pro X]( I try to take quality screen grabs for anything that I talk about. I'm lazy and need to nail down my process of easily posting pictures, but I'm trying.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

news2mail Tool for Radio UserLand

news2mail automatically sends email messages containing the most recent stories from the channels you've subscribed to.

Dave Winer: "I subscribe to over 250 RSS feeds. Here's how I read them. First, I use Radio UserLand as my aggregator. Second, I use Doug Kaye's news2mail Tool. This way I catch everything, I know that I'm not missing items simply because I haven't checked my aggregator in the last 24 hours."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

WritTorrent: BitTorrent Blog Client

[WritTorrent]( "WritTorrent") is a BitTorrent Blog Client. This allows you to easily post BitTorrent files to your Radio UserLand weblog from the Java based application, [Azureus]( "Azureus, a BitTorrent Client").

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Radio UserLand: Incorrect URL after changing upstream locations

"If you are upstreaming your site to the UserLand community server and you temporarily upstream somewhere else, you may notice that when you try to return to the community server that some image links and the Home link on the Desktop Website continue to point to the old server."

Thanks to Lawrence for posting this link on the Radio Discussion Board. I've been bitten by this myself a couple of times.

Comment Moderation for Radio UserLand

Steve Kirks for UserLand: "Today we released a new feature for Radio UserLand: comment moderation. This will allow you to delete comments posted to your weblog."

Thursday, November 11, 2004

iceplant radio podcast featuring Adam Curry and Dave Winer

This year I went to Bloggercon at Stanford. My main mission: Attend the Podcasting session led by Adam Curry and walk away with at least one audio interview. Well, good thing I decided to take a breather after the session and eat an apple. That's when Adam Curry walked by. I grabbed my mini disc, plugged in the microphone and donned my headphones. Adam was kind enough to record a lead in for [iceplant radio]( "iceplant radio") and I recorded our conversation. Dave Winer, having left the Information Overload session, walked by and Adam roped him into our conversation. [Listen in!]( "Listen")

Thanks to my sweetie and recording engineer, Aimee Pomerleau, for helping me with the post production. Also, thanks to [Wired Magazine]( "Wired") and Thievery Corporation for the music for this show, which is made available under a Creative Commons license.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

MSN Search: radio userland manual -- More Useful Everyday

I must say that I like [Microsoft's new search engine]( "MSN Search"). Radio: The Missing Manual is the second entry listed using the search words, ["radio userland manual"]( "MSN Search").

Radio UserLand Tips Section Added to The Missing Manual

So they don't get lost in the weblog shuffle, I started a [Tips]( "Radio UserLand Tips") section on this site. I'll try to do a tip each week. Radio gurus, want to get your tip published? Let's talk! I can't pay but you'll get your tip published on Radio: The Missing Manual for all to read.

How to compact root files

From the [Radio UserLand User Guide]( "Radio User Guide"): "In your Radio UserLand folder you might notice some files in the Data Files sub-folder. Radio stores data about your weblog, news aggregator, hot list, and Weblogs.Com on the Desktop in these files.

Since some of these files frequently save and delete a large amount of data, there will be some free space inside these files that can be squeezed out using the Compact Data Files utility.

Note: It's recommended that you make a [backup of your data files]($7010 "Backup your data files") before you compact your data files."

How To Podcast In Three (Relatively) Easy Steps

This new site explains how to podcast. There's an easy way and a hard way. Guess which way is the easy way? With Radio UserLand!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Changing Post Dates In Radio UserLand

[Bruce Zimmer]( "Bruce Zimmer"): "Yes, Virginia, it is possible to [backdate a Radio UserLand post]( "Postdate Radio entries"). However, "there is no such thing as a free lunch."

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Survey results indicate users want better documentation for Radio

Have you taken the UserLand Radio survey yet? As of today, 30% of those who have taken the survey want better documentation. I thought so. That's why I started and maintain Radio: The Missing Manual. Come and get it!

25%, including myself, have voted for secure ftp as their number one choice.

Add a Favicon to your URL

Admit it, you want one. You know, that cool little icon in your web browser address bar, just to the left of your URL. Well, I did too and now I've got one.

Here's how I did it. I took the following 32x32 graphic and opened it up in a graphics application.

I then shrunk it down to 16x16 and saved it as a Windows .ico file named favicon.ico. I dropped it into my images folder and Radio upstreamed it to my server.

I then edited my #homeTemplate.txt file, adding this bit of code in the HEAD section:

<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="/images/favicon.ico">

(Note. The above was updated to include "/images". Thanks taterhead for catching the mistake!)

Republish the home page and now I'm somebody!

Need more help? Check out this handy tutorial by Jennifer Apple.

How to backup and restore your Radio weblog

Radio users... Do yourself a favor right now. Create a backup of your weblog immediately, or enable automatic nightly backups to keep your data safe without any intervention.


A special site for exploring the outliner built into Radio UserLand.

Digger tool helps eliminate link rot

Digger is an aid to Radio users that maintain directories by helping eliminate "link rot." This condition is the result of websites or going dead, moving, or otherwise becoming inaccessible. Digger will look through your directory .opml documents and try each link. If it finds a bad link, it will store it in a table and display it for you when it is done. It is then up to you to determine what to do. You may wish to remove the link from your directory, or ascertain if it is simply that a server is down or inaccessible at the moment.

Frequencies Tool

The Frequencies Tool measures the frequencies of items in Radio UserLand such as:

* The number of items you've posted to each of your categories * The number of items you've posted from each news source

Radio Education Weblog Portal

Lots of good Radio links on this site.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

DynDNS Tool for Radio UserLand

Steve Kirks: "I've written a tool for Radio UserLand that automatically updates a DynDNS name with the IP of your PC running Radio. "

Take a Radio Feature Survey

"UserLand is running a survey asking you to pick a top feature for us to focus on. Head over to the survey and pick something. I'll post the results soon for us all soon."

(Via Radio UserLand Messages.)

How to add comments to your Radio weblog in four steps

1. [Update radio.root]( 2. On the [Comments prefs page](, enter these settings: Comments Page URL: Comment Text: Comments [<%commentCount%>] 3. In your [#itemTemplate.txt]( file, enter <%commentLink%> where you want the comments link to appear 4. Republish your home page

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Palimpseste de Gwenael

Palimpseste de Gwenael: "UserTalk et AppleScript: scripting sur Macintosh"

I sure wish I had paid better attention during my French classes! Be sure to check out this Radio site by Le Drean Gwenael.