Saturday, October 30, 2004


rssTruncate is a UserTalk macro command that shortens the xml/rss published version of each post to its title and first paragraph or sentence.

Thanks for the link, Andy! And thanks for the macro, Marc!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

[ANN] Update wipeCloud

Do you have a salon blog? Need to wipe it clean? Andy says... "After a bit of work. I've got the wipeCloud script working with Salon blogs too.

If you have an old copy or have a Salon blog and want delete your cloud space and start over, use this script.

navLinks script

Steve Kirks: "Navigator links in Radio are a bit difficult sometimes. I wrote this script yesterday and it works so well, I wanted to share it with everyone and get some feedback.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bug fix for Radio Monthly Archive Links macro

David Phillips: "I fixed a bug in my Monthly Archive Links macro (for Radio UserLand users) where specifying a date format that has the month and year next to each other (such as "mmmyy") displays the wrong output for months that end in "y". You can download the updated macro from the download link at the above linked post."

Friday, October 22, 2004

MarsEdit 1.0b4 available

Ranchero: "We’ve posted MarsEdit 1.0b4—here are the change notes."

Radio users, check out my tutorial on [how to use MarsEdit with Radio UserLand](

Instiki: a new wiki for this manual

Instiki is a fabulous wiki by David Heinemeier Hansson. I'm using it to create a new wiki for this manual. I must admit, I'm fairly new to world-o-wiki so you'll have to wait until I fully figure this thing out but I'm making good progress so you can expect it to be incorporated soon enough.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Transport Layer Security for Radio UserLand

TLS enhances Radio by providing scripts for accessing secure websites and services and for serving secure websites.

(Via [Scott Young's Radio Weblog](

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.

JustBlogIt is a Mozilla / Firefox extension to allow easy right-click posting to a Radio UserLand weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Radio 8.1 RELEASED

Radio UserLand 8.1 has been released and a new installer is available for download for new users. This includes all the latest changes since the last 8.0.8 release. Thanks to Steve Kirks, Patrick Richie, and Lawrence Lee for all the hard work Great work. (Via Scott Young's Radio Weblog.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

activeRenderer 2.4 update released

Marc: "Well, it took forever, but the new version of activeRenderer is finally out."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


There's a new Radio macro for linking to stylesheets.

radio.macros.linkToStyleSheet. You can use this new macro to link to a CSS file instead of directly including the style sheet in each page.

linkToStyleSheet (csspath, flUseImportCommand=false)

csspath is a relative path to the CSS file inside the www folder.

An optional parameter. flUseImportCommand, a boolean, specifies if you want to use the import command in the link to the external style sheet. You can set it to false to work around some bugs in Netscape 4's CSS implementation.

The default is false.

Beta: Radio comments moderation and other improvements

UserLand says, "We've released a new set of features and improvements to beta for testing before a general release. Included is a new feature with Radio comments moderation and improvements to upstreaming and comment/TrackBack counters."

I'm testing out the comments and trackbacks on "rtmm" and things are certainly faster than ever. Still a few things to iron out but this is very good news for Radio users.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BitTorrent tool for Radio Userland

Patrick tweaked Andrew Grumet's bitTorrentIntegration Tool for Radio to download .torrent files that are linked to in the body of the post. Hopefully it'll make it to OS X-ville so I can play with it.

What I needed to happen was for Radio to detect the enclosure, then check for BitTorrent links in the post body. If found, it aborts the full mp3 download and launches the torrent. A few lines of code later, it works ;), NetNewsWire, AppleScript, and Radio

If you've been following along on this weblog, you know that I recently added the 'radiouserland' tagged links from to my home page. Every time I publish my home page, it checks in with for the current list of links and displays them in the sidebar.

Suppose a number of new links are added to but I don't update my home page for a week. Those fresh links won't appear on my site until I publish the home page. What to do?

Well, I subscribe to the radiouserland rss feed in "nnw". And NetNewsWire is AppleScriptable. So, I requested help and Rob Jorgensen whipped up an applescript for me. You can copy and paste the following code into your own AppleScript in Script Editor. Be sure to replace the variables in the first two lines with ones that match your setup.

 property command_ : "touch '/Users/dwatts/Radio/www/categories/radioTheMissingManual/index.txt'" property given_name : "" tell application "NetNewsWire" set feed_ to first subscription whose givenName is given_name if unread count of feed_ is greater than 0 then my touch_() end tell to touch_() do shell script command_ end touch_ 

Now, in NetNewsWire, I created a new Special Subscription of the type, 'Script'.

nnw special sub

I gave it a name 'Touch RTMM Index' and entered the path to the AppleScript I created earlier.

subscription info

That's it for the setup.

Now, when NetNewsWire refreshes all my subscriptions every hour, this new Subscription will test to see if any new entries have been added to the radiouserland feed. If so, it will 'touch' the "rtmm" index.txt file. When a file that lives in the Radio www folder is touched, it automatically gets upstreamed to the server. The result is a fresh home page that is automatically rendered whenever a new link is added to with a radiouserland tag.

Let's discuss this on the Radio UserLand Discussion Board.

New Radio tool will make your blog spider friendly

Matt is working on an exciting new tool for Radio that will make your Radio blog spider friendly

"What I've done comes in 3 parts the first two of which are part of a Radio tool I will release shortly."

  1. Write each weblog post into it's own separate RSS file. That's right, I now have about 1583 little XML feeds which each contain a single post. Here is an example feed.
  2. Create a blogmap.opml file which maps each post from it's permalink to it's XML feed.
  3. I add a <link> tag to my blog pages which says where to find the blogmap OPML file. This works the same way as the tag which says where to find your RSS feed.

The net result is that an application can now access the contents of my blog in a completely predictable way. From any page with the <link> tag (which, in theory, is every blog page) it should be able to locate the blogmap outline and from there it can find every post, or, using the permalink as a key, any individual post. Each post is encoded in it's own RSS file and can be read using any standard RSS2.0 parser.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How to move Radio to another computer

Sometimes, when you are having difficulty with Radio, you need to resort to a fresh install. Or, you may have purchased a new computer and want to move Radio over. How to move Radio to another computer steps you through the process so you have a positive experience.

Ralf Zeigermann, The Cartoonist

The Cartoonist, Ralf Zeigermann, has a Radio weblog and some pretty interesting illustrations. Looks like he tweaked the default Radio theme to include his own banner. Nice. I wish more people would take the time to modify the standard themes that come with Radio. It's not that difficult!

Add a Bloglines Citations macro to your posts

Thanks to Steve for the mention of Matt's Bloglines Citations macro, which is now in effect on "rtmm" at the top of every post.

Readers, at the time of this post the example on Matt's page is not correct. You'll need to add an 's' to the macro name so that the word blogLinesCitation becomes blogLinesCitations. [Update: Matt fixed this on his site.]

Improved error logging and bug fixes released

"Changes released today improve error logging for root updates, include additional information when logging macro errors, and include various bug fixes. Details are here. Update Frontier.root to get the changes." (Via UserLand Product News.)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Keep up with Radio updates here

This page displays all the changes to Radio's root file, which have picked up considerably. Changes are sent to Radio on your computer whenever you choose to perform an update.

Let do the driving

Instead of maintaining my list of Radio UserLand related links in a Radio outline as I usually do, I've decided to add them to, the social bookmarks manager with a tag 'radiouserland'. Links marked with that tag are available not only as a web page, but as an RSS feed as well, which I subscribe to in NetNewsWire, my aggregator. The reason I've decided to add them to is so that I can include the radiouserland rss feed to my Radio: The Missing Manual home page for an ever growing list of links built not just by me, but with the help of those around the internet.

So, here's the web page.

delicious web page

I want that list of links to appear on my site, "rtmm" in the right hand column of the home page. To accomplish this, I added a bit of code to my #homeTemplate.txt file to display the links right on my home page.

rssBox macro

Now, when I publish my home page, Radio checks in with to see the current list of links and then posts them to my site in a nice outline format.


In order to do this, you'll need Radio UserLand, activeRenderer, and the URL for an RSS feed that you'd like to post to your own site.

I like this system because when I contribute a link to, many more people can find it. And whenever someone adds a link to with the tag 'radiouserland', I can be sure it will be included on my home page, automatically, the next time I publish it.

Questions? Let's discuss this on the Radio UserLand forum.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Radio UserLand: Google search

Question: "How do I install Google search on my site? I've checked Google's site and can't find any info about this. Is it free?"

Hi Richard. Visit the Google Site Search page and scroll down to the part that says, "What could be better? Search me." Then, copy the HTML code on the screen and paste it into your #homeTemplate.txt file where you'd like the search to display. Replace the domain name with your own.

Yes, it's free.

LifeBlogger can post to Radio UserLand

Radio UserLand has a MetaWeblog API that allows it to talk with other systems, such as LifeBlogger. So, if you've a Nokia phone and you want to share some of your Lifeblog on your Radio UserLand blog, check this out.

LifeBlogger allows you to post your Nokia Lifeblog favorites to your blog. Your images, text notes and videos can now be effortlessly posted to your blog using FTP (Blogger, etc.) or via the MetaWeblog API (Movable Type, Radio UserLand, etc.)"

I'm happy to discover a radiouserland tag on, the social bookmarks site. I'll contribute to the frenzy by adding links from my "rtmm" site. I like because it's a shared effort and you can subscribe to an RSS feed for any tag. So, if you use Radio, consider adding the radiouserland rss feed to your aggregator.