Thursday, September 30, 2004

Radio 8.1 is Shipping

Lots of activity in the Radio.root Updates RSS Feed

Ye-hi! as Dave used to say. 18 new parts loaded into Radio. I am especially happy to see this update. Now I can start using MarsEdit to post images to my weblog and know that they will land in the images folder. At least, that's what I think this update addresses.

Radio users, here is how to update Radio.root to get the latest updates.

" changed on Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:55:15 GMT: Added code to determine media type. If it's an image, place the new media object in Radio's default image directory. Everything else, place in the gems directory."

(Via Radio.root Updates.)

Radio UserLand book author moves away from Radio

Rogers Cadenhead, author of Radio UserLand Kick Start has moved his blog, Workbench, away from Radio UserLand and into his own home-cooked version of blogging software. What does it mean to Radio users when the author of the only book on Radio jumps ship? Nothing I guess, but it's sad to see Rogers go.

The Bench is Back: "This entry represents the culmonation of several weeks of work moving Workbench from Radio UserLand to software that I am writing for myself on a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Radio Upstream Improvements

Steve Kirks: "A quick note to everyone who upstreams to UserLand's servers:

Lawrence Lee has implemented a couple of optimizations to the primary upstreaming server ( to make it more responsive and handle more simultaneous requests. Preliminary stats show a nearly 25% gain in uptime and the ability to handle almost twice as many requests during peak times.

Leave some feedback as comments and trackbacks to this post and let us know how it's going and what kind of differences you see."

Deep fried vs. baked

"Manila is deep fried. Radio is baked." - Dave Winer (from the September 25, 2004 audio show, Trade Secrets)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

BloggerCon and Podcasting

This is the one session I will absolutely attend at BloggerCon. It's Adam Curry's discussion about podcasting, which is where I'm focusing much of my time these days. I have been maintaining a behind the scenes audio blog, getting my chops. When ready, I'll start releasing them via my personal blog RSS feed.

As well, I'm near completion of a redesign of the National Radio Project site, with over four years of high quality audio documentaries online. The new site was created in Radio UserLand and I'll release each week's new 1/2 hour show as an rss enclosure. Radio makes this very easy to do. We're hoping that listeners as well as stations will subscribe and have the show delivered to them over the internet while they sleep. Sound good? Stay tuned for the redesign to be made public in the very near future.

Playing with MarsEdit

Paolo tried MarsEdit and asks a question that's been on my mind. How extensible are weblog editors such as MarsEdit? As Paolo says, it's easy to extend the UI in a browser but how can that be done in an application such as MarsEdit?

"Will there be a way to extend these applications?

If editing is done in browsers extending UIs and features is relatively simple. For example we have developed tools to allow users to add ENT data in their posts using Radio, Manila and MovableType. ENT is a little thing, there are many emerging types of microcontent and there will be the need to edit them somehow.

What about some kind of plug-in architecture to allow developers and users to extend tools feature sets? Are current API extensible enough to allow such features?" - Paolo Valdemarin

Today's Morning Coffee Notes explains the...

Today is a milestone. Today, Frontier, Radio's big brother, goes open source.

Dave Winer: Today's Morning Coffee Notes explains the open source release of Frontier. Just trying to preserve a life's work of programming, so it doesn't end up lost or forgotten. Peace brother."

CNET posts video on RSS

I appreciate when others try to explain RSS. Here's yet another link for you to share with those who are not in the know.

CNET has posted a cool video tutorial on RSS. Great to send your friends and coworkers who are wondering about what RSS is.

(Via Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger.)

For comment deletion try Haloscan

Julie, the author of the ever helpful Radio tip site, sexymagick, recommends Haloscan for a comment server alternative to UserLand's offering.

Re: Comment Deletion: "If you are using Radio's comment feature, there isn't a way to delete comments. You could try haloscan instead, its a free comment service that you can use with Radio. Julie.

Surgical strike: MarsEdit

Andy Fragen of Surgical Diversions has made some useful Radio tools such as Data File Cleaner, Export Weblog, and Print Outline, all of which I've used before. Thanks to MarsEdit, it looks like Andy might dust off Radio and do some blogging, which is a good thing for Radio users.

Testing MarsEdit: "Well, I guess it's time to get back to blogging. I know. I know. It HAS been a long time. Testing MarsEdit seems like a great way to get back to it."

Monday, September 27, 2004

Steve Hooker refutes some Radio complaints

I'm glad Steve Hooker has written his viewpoints on some of the negative things people say about Radio. I suggest you read it. We could use more level headed dialoge like this for those who are jumping ship. Radio has some issues but I can tell you this... the blog software you jump to will also have issues. Plain and simple.

"This morning in my pubSub subscription for 'Userland' I saw another "I'm moving from Radio cuz it sucks" post. Fed up with Userland the company I may be, and though nobody at Userland seems to care that ignorant bullshit like this is put out there, I felt it's time to refute some of the arguments put forward as 'reasons for leaving."

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Frontier/Radio Glue for MarsEdit

Steve cooked up some Frontier/Radio Glue for MarsEdit. "With the glue, you'll be able to hit "POST" in the Radio aggregator and have the text sent to MarsEdit." (Via house of warwick.)

This is good news. Radio's aggregator is a good one so this glue is most welcome. It's worth noting that NetNewsWire can already post to MarsEdit.

Comments and Upstreaming Improvements Coming Soon

Steve: "Comment and upstreaming improvements are done and almost ready for testing. More in a couple of weeks, but it's good stuff."

Once comments are improved I just might turn them on for this site. I've not had any upstreaming issues personally, but I know others have complained before. Nice to see UserLand moving to fix these and other things to help make Radio all it can be.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A MarsEdit tutorial for Radio UserLand Webloggers

MarsEdit and its companion NetNewsWire comprise refreshing new alternatives to Radio's built in news aggregator and weblog publishing interface. Once installed, you might never visit the Radio Desktop site again!

This article focuses on MarsEdit, a Mac OS X weblog editor application by Ranchero Software that replaces Radio's limited web based interface with an intuitive environment that makes posting to your weblog as easy as creating a new email.

In a future article, I'll discuss how to use NetNewsWire as a viable replacement, or adjunct to, the built-in Radio news aggregator and explain how I use these two applications in tandem to publish a number of weblogs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Apple - Pro - Tip of the Week

On the Apple site, they run a series called Tip of the Week for Apple "Pro" users. I really like the format of this page. The text is lean, the graphic supports the message, and there is a promo blurb on the right with an archive link to the previous tip. Nicely done. I'll try to emulate that on "rtmm" for some tips.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

NetNewsWire and MarsEdit Released

Brent: "I just announced the public betas of NetNewsWire and MarsEdit on my weblog."

NetNewsWire 2.0 iconThis is an exciting day for Radio users! I've been beta testing both of these applications for many moons now, helping to make them the best in their class. One reads weblogs, the other posts to them. There is synergy between the two apps as well and things are just going to get better.

MarsEditNow that the beta is released, I can finally start talking about MarsEdit. I've been working on a tutorial that explains to Radio users how to use MarsEdit as a replacement interface for the Desktop home page. There are lots of screen shots and examples. MarsEdit is so easy, this tutorial might not really be necessary but I thought it would be a nice chapter in Radio: The Missing Manual. Keep an eye out for this. I hope to publish it within the week.

Thanks to Ranchero Software, you'll find two of my weblogs, Coral Reef Report and Radio: The Missing Manual in the NetNewsWire Subscriptions Drawer.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

BlogShares - Radio: The Missing Manual

I found Radio: The Missing Manual on BlogShares. Now you can join in the fun by virtually investing yourself in this site. Current valuation: B$2,621.63. Whatever that means!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Before Radio, it was called Pike

Dave Winer: "Speaking of Pike, before Radio was called Radio it was called Pike. We had to change the name because there already was something called Pike. Too bad, it was a good name."

Visiting the Pike beta site was a fun memory jogger. At that time, I had just moved from Hawaii to the Bay area, ready to make my mark on the net. In Hawaii, I started up a company called Web Surf Hawaii and hosted Manila sites. I thought I had found the golden key in UserLand's Manila product and even taught some classes on how to get a site up and running using this ground breaking system. However, if you want to get ahead on the net, you can't live on an island, surrounded by so many distractions.

So, I moved to the mainland and that's when Pike came out. It took a while to wrap my head around, especially since one of the first real uses of Pike was to see who else was online, view their playlists, and share outlines. Kind of an odd assortment of things, really. We got server space on a server that was called, I believe, and then I started to see the light, the thing that Radio would become for me, my own powerful publishing system, for very little cost. Little did I realize at the time that Pike would turn into Radio, one of my most used applications. And the main reason that I moved away from Manila. Oh, and I definitely wouldn't have imagined that I'd create a site like Radio: The Missing Manual someday.

Monday, September 13, 2004

flickr photos to your radio weblog

Lots of fun things are happening over at flickr. One feature they offer is the ability to post photos to your weblog. Radio users can join in the fun. You'll have to take a breath, configure a few things, and test it a few times but it certainly is possible and works very well. Now that I've set this up, whenever I see a photo on flickr that I want to weblog, I just click the 'blog this' button next to the picture and away it goes. flickr talks to Radio on my computer and automatically posts the image to my weblog. I get to add a caption as well.

Here's a weblog post to my personal weblog, iceplant radio, that was sent from a flickr web page. This gives you an idea of what your weblog post will look like.

If there is enough demand, I'll do a mini how-to here on RTMM since setup can be a bit difficult. This thread on the Radio Discussion Board might be all you need though. Let me know.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

iPodder Tool

Looks like Peter created the first iPodder tool for Radio. I'll try this out for sure.

iPodder Tool: "Hi guys, I have made a new tool for Radio. What it does is, in short, transferring MP3 files from the enclosures folder to a portable MP3 device. I have explained how it works on my blog:

On This Day Macro

Steve Kirks has written a new macro for Radio users..

Dave Winer has been writing a weblog for quite some time and has built quite a history of posts. He sometimes uses that history to prove a point or remind us of how far we've come. I always enjoyed reading the comparisons between current events and events from the previous years on his weblog and I hoped one day to have it on mine. That day has come.

Radio 8.1 Pre-Release

The first new version of Radio in a while will be released the third week of September. This version has some great things in it - all based on requests from users. Steve Kirks lists what that made it into the 8.1 release and what didn't make it in this post.

(Via Scott Young's Radio Weblog.)

More on Peter's trackback project

Looks like Peter fixed his trackback code. Sorry for not following up on this Peter. I left for vacation and am pleased to see that you already tackled the problem.

Here's a good explanation of Trackback from The Aardvark.

Radio UserLand Facts

Marc Barrot maintains a thorough page on Radio UserLand Facts.